Commercial Dehumidification Systems

Why are Dehumidification Systems Important?

Indoor high humidity can cause the following problems:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Dust mites
  • Bacteria growth
  • Furniture damage
  • Wall damage
  • Damage to fixtures
  • Damage to floorboards
  • Damage to window frames
  • Damage to attic beams

According to Dectron, an indoor pool is a challenging indoor air quality project unlike few others. With a combination of high temperatures, high moisture generation, high chemical usage, differential activity levels and multiple interdependent systems, it requires a highly-specialized unit to handle the harsh environment.  Our technicians have had extensive training in this area, and are able to solve the most complex issues at any facility regardless of size or complexity.

Signs You May Need a Dehumidification System:

  • Mold on walls
  • Musty smells
  • Condensation on windows
  • Wet stains on walls and ceilings
  • Mold in the bathrooms

Who Uses a Dehumidification System?

Buildings, homes and businesses especially located in the South often have issues with high humidity.

Dehumidification System Installation

Businesses throughout the greater Atlanta area trust Critical HVAC Systems with their dehumidification systems. If you need a new dehumidification system installed, call us right away.

Dehumidification System Repair

If you already have a dehumidification system and think it may need a repair, call Excelco right now. Our Dehumidification experts will come to your office and troubleshoot your existing system and let you know of any repairs it may need.

Dehumidification System Maintenance

Trying to avoid costly repairs or replacements on your dehumidification system? The smart solution is our dehumidification system maintenance. The investment you made in your dehumidification system is better protected with regular maintenance. Your HVAC systems and dehumidification systems need regular care just like your car does. Without regular oil changes, your engine will seize up and you will end up with a huge repair bill. The same holds true for your HVAC and dehumidification systems.

Contact Critical HVAC Systems today to discuss a maintenance plan so you can save money down the road.